NDT Services
Sonatest - Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors / Phased Array / TOFD 
Sales, Installation, Repairing, Calibration and Annual Maintenance Contract, rental of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Instruments

We strongly believe in providing good after sales service and product support. For this reason, we have equipped ourselves with essential facilities and spare parts to provide fast and efficient maintenance, repair and calibration services to our customers.

Meeting manufacturer and International Standards 

All calibration procedures adhere to manufacturer's specifications and international standards. All our calibration equipment and standards are traceable to national standards and/or to other recognized national calibration laboratories. 

Experienced and trained service engineers

Our service engineers are continuously trained and certified by our respective manufacturers which enables us to provide qualified after sales service.

Scope of service
  • Our professional service center provides:
  • Warranty and out of warranty after sales services
  • Annual Maintenance Contract, repairs and calibrations
  • Installation, commissioning and training
  • On-site repair and calibration
  • Technical support or troubleshooting via telephone

Equipment / Instrument Rental service

We offer various electrical instruments and NDT instruments on rental basis subjected to the availability with certain terms and conditions.
Proceq - Portable Hardness Testers | Diverse - Ferrite Meter | Ritec - Boroscopy Inspection Systems
  • NDT Training & Certification and job assistance
  • Selection of suitable equipment for specific purpose.
  • LED, Solar whole sale supplies to the building construction team
  • Measuring instruments supplies to the engineering colleges and schools

​​ Applus RTD Probes:
Wire Rope Testers - AMC Instruments, Italy